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Standard Genetic Counseling With or Without a Decision Guide in Improving Communication Between Mothers Undergoing BRCA1/2 Testing and Their Minor-Age Children

RATIONALE: A study that evaluates the support of a decision guide used together with genetic counseling may improve communication between mothers undergoing BRCA1/2 testing and their minor-age chil...

Diagnosis: Breast: Prevention

Phase: 3

Protocol Number: 07-406

Afimoxifene in Reducing the Risk of Breast Cancer in Women With Mammographically Dense Breast

This randomized phase II trial studies how well afimoxifene works in reducing the risk of breast cancer in women with mammographically dense breast. Estrogen can cause the growth of breast cancer c...

Diagnosis: Breast: Prevention


Protocol Number: 17-745

Comparing Restriction Spectrum Imaging (RSI) to Conventional and Abbreviated Breast MRI for Breast Cancer Screening

This study is looking at a breast cancer screening technique, restriction spectrum imaging (RSI), as a possible alternative to the breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) used by most healthcare pr...

Diagnosis: Breast: Prevention


Protocol Number: 17-552