Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Trials

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of trials are included in this search tool?
This search tool includes clinical trials that test a therapeutic intervention (drug, device, surgery, radiation) and are currently enrolling participants at one (or more) of the DF/HCC member institutions. It also contains a small subset of non-therapeutic trials that are posted on ClinicalTrials.gov.

How do I use the keyword search?
Individuals can search for clinical trials by entering in a number of keywords. These keywords include: diagnosis (i.e Breast Cancer), investigator name (i.e. Jane Smith, MD), Phase of trial (i.e. Phase I, II, etc.), drug name (i.e. Herceptin), or DF/HCC protocol ID or NCT number.

How can I obtain more information on a particular trial?
The listing of each DF/HCC clinical trial also includes a link to the NIH website, ClinicalTrials.gov which includes some additional information pertaining to that clinical trial. Also, each DF/HCC clinical trial listing contains contact information about that particular trial. This contact information is specific for the participating DF/HCC institutions.

The search tool does not seem to be functioning properly. Who do I contact for questions regarding the search function?
If you are having difficulties with the site, please contact trials@research.dfci.harvard.edu.

I am on the study team for a listed trial and would like to update some trial information. Who should I contact?
I am on the study team for a DF/HCC clinical trial and it is not listed in this database. Who should I contact?

Please contact the Quality Assurance Office at QACT@partners.org.